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Advanced Voyage Routing

The EONav sysytem is owned by Offshore Navigation Ltd’s (ONL). The company's mission is to become the leading provider of voyage and route plan systems. ONL shall provide the most accurate and advanced navigation system for worldwide offshore and maritime use, that will enable greater fuel optimization and make the global maritime transport more sustainable.

ONL develops innovative route planning services based on the EONav system. Due to its unique characteristics, the EONav system is suitable for a wide variety of applications related to energy supply, passenger transport, and general cargo transport.

The ONL management team has profound knowledge and technical capabilities in the areas of sail/voyage planning and the global sensor/earth observation market. Proper understanding of the operational constraints of maritime and offshore monitoring systems help satisfying the needs of the shipping and offshore markets. In other words, we have a complimentary ability to adapt solutions to the maritime and offshore markets and we can identify and resolve end-user pressing needs.

Offshore Navigation Ltd is represented in the geographical regions of Europe (UK, Norway, Cyprus), The Caribbean (Cayman Islands, Anguilla, St. Kitts/Nevis), United States (Nevada), and Asia (Singapore).
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